MY Soils

Soils are a non-renewable resources that are often overlooked. They are essential in producing food, bioenergy, and improving/preserving water quality. They are extremely complex biological, mineral, and chemical systems. Agronomists use many fields of science (chemistry, biology, physics, etc.) to improve the management and conservation of this precious resource.

 MY Crops

Plants are the main source of food for our world. Agronomists study plants from a variety of perspectives (plant biology, physiology, pathology, etc.) to ensure that crops are being utilized in a responsible and productive manner to improve the lives of all people in the world.

MY Energy

Alternative energy sources are becoming more relevant with each passing day. Someday, the world will be totally fuelled by sources other than petroleum, coal, and natural gas. A significant piece of the changing energy puzzle will be biofuels. Agronomists are actively working to make these discoveries a reality today.

MY Food

Food is a basic necessity for all mankind. All food comes from plants either directly consumed or indirectly through the meats we choose to eat. Agronomists utilize the sciences of plant breeding and biotechnology to improve the production and nutritive value of foods we consume every day.

 MY World

Agronomists tackle the dilemma of world hunger by using science-based expertise in all areas of basic food production; including soils, crop production, and adaptation of production agriculture to changing climates. Improving food production improves life for untold numbers of people while reducing the human impact on our fragile environment.