Crop, Soil & Hort Science

Emphasizes the interactions between plants and soils with an emphasis on the science of botany, plant pathology, soil content, and genetics.

Crops & Livestock

Study the interaction of plant and animal science disciplines. Learn how managed forage and grain crops are used in profitable livestock production systems.

Hort Enterprise Management

Combining the science of horticulture production with the practical acumen needed to run a run a horticulture based business.

Turfgrass Science

Emphasizes the science and business aspects of intensively managed grass plantings such as sports fields, golf courses, and large scale lawn care.

Modern Agronomy

This new Individualized Program in Agriculture (IPA), integrates the scientific basis and the practical management skills needed for modern crop production.

The world population continues to grow, and with that growth comes new challenges. How do we feed that population? How do we cloth it? How do we provide energy for residential, commercial, and transportation needs? How do we do all of that and work to sustain our natrual environments for years to come?

Students in our Horticulture, Plant and Soil Sciences major and our Independent Program in Agriculture for Modern Agronomic Crop Production are pursuing careers that seek to solve those challenges. From horticulture production to pasture management, soil microbiology to plant genetics, turf and lawn management to industrialized row crop production, our students are pushing the boundaries of their fields.

Whether you want to manage a golf course or major league sports field, work in agribusiness sales and marketing, make the next major scientific discovery in the field, or revolutionize production agriculture, we can get you on the path.

How will you grow?


Congratulations to our students who made the Spring 2017 Dean's List! We are proud of you!

Horticulture, Plant and Soil Sciences

  • Robert Brockman

  • Casey Cochran

  • Derrick Davis

  • Sarah Gottlob

  • Tyson Gregory
  • Samuel Laneve
  • Eric Luteyn

  • Mdeline Lydick

  • Savannah McGuire

  • Brian Roach

  • Jacqueline Schmoll
  • Zoe Schroeder

Modern Agronomic Crop Production

  • Cody Glasscock
  • Luke Watson


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