Modern Agronomy

This new Individualized Program in Agriculture (IPA), integrates the scientific basis and the practical management skills needed for modern crop production.

Crop & Soil Science

Emphasizes the interactions between plants and soils.

Crops & Livestock

Emphasizes the interaction of the plant and animal science disciplines. Learn of the proper agronomic management for crops, such as forages and grains, and of their utilization within profitable livestock production systems.

Turfgrass Science

Emphasizes the science and business aspects of intensively managed grass plantings

agronoME! How about you?

Impact the planet. Be an Agronomist

Put the ME! in agronomy and choose to study in a field that will lead to some of the most imporant and rewarding careers in the world!

Agronomists impact lives every day!  They produce and use plants for food, fiber, forage, fuel, enhancement of the human environment, conservation of our soil and water resources, and all related services.